Entrepreneurial Spirit - Inspired at Work Inspired at Home

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  1. The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Finding Your Startup Inspiration
  2. Father Knew Best: Entrepreneurs Tell How Dad Inspired Them
  3. Father Knew Best: Entrepreneurs Tell How Dad Inspired Them
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The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Finding Your Startup Inspiration

Clearly, the agency system is broken, and we have found a better way for families to find the right caregiver. I realized that if I could combine the key factors of higher pay for caregivers at a lower cost and more control for families, with the peace of mind an agency offers for backup, then LeanOnWe would address a national problem head on.

From where I sit in my wheelchair, I know that a thoroughly vetted network of experienced caregivers is a welcome option. It is working remarkably well.

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The feedback from the industry has been tremendous. That hit home. More importantly, families have been thrilled with how easy LeanOnWe makes it for them to directly hire experienced caregivers who fit their needs.

As an entrepreneur, it is scary to put my heart and wallet on the line for LeanOnWe, but the feedback confirms that my team and I are on to something. We named our company LeanOnWe as an acknowledgement that one can lean on all of us when support at home is needed. We can be greeted by someone who personally understands the needs and anxieties of letting someone care for you, or a loved one.

In my own life, each morning I wake as my caregiver comes to my home, helps me out of bed, and gets me ready for the day—I lean on her, trust her, and push on. LeanOnWe is his way of making an important difference in the lives of people who need caregivers. He serves on the boards of several civic and nonprofit organizations. By Ron Gold 4 minute Read.

It was my mania about being fit that almost got me killed—and it also saved my life.

Father Knew Best: Entrepreneurs Tell How Dad Inspired Them

Finding The Right Caregiver As baby boomers age, the demand for home care will be more acute, but what about the supply? Impact Impact How Facebook is fundamentally changing how nonprofits get money Impact These are the 10 most energy efficient states in the U. Design Co. Disaster-proof design. Work Life Work Life Forget detox retreats: Mindful tech-free experiences is the new vacation trend Work Life Make these small behavioral changes to improve your quality of life Work Life Portable benefits would provide a safety net for millions of gig workers. Patrick the brickmaker "could have assumed that because he had nothing, he was nothing," Jackley notes.

However, "Patrick saw opportunity where others saw none - in the ground beneath his feet - and he saw potential within himself. One of my personal takeaways from Clay Water Brick is Jackley's reminder to "always let other people decide for themselves what they need to feel empowered, valued, and happy, no matter how surprising their choices. Indeed, confidence and community can come from having enough sugar for your tea each day and being able to invite friends to use your sugar in their tea.

Father Knew Best: Entrepreneurs Tell How Dad Inspired Them

I have also learned from Jackley that "Hope is a road. When we work collaboratively to remove man-made limitations and empower human potential, we create a path where formerly there was none.

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Step by step, we bring into being the more hopeful world we seek. Journeying with Jackley in Clay Water Brick will fill you to the brim with hope, inspiration, understanding, and an abiding appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit we each possess. She also provides additional resources and calls to action on claywaterbrick. Clay Water Brick is an engaging, worthwhile read equally applicable to Sustainable Development Goals policymakers, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and those searching for ways to pay forward their passions in life.

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The author's tenacity has given the world a truly phenomenal organization that continues to fight poverty through the power of personal connections and modest loans. And her profiles of entrepreneurs empowered through microfinance are timeless teachings on courage, self-confidence, and empathy. Jessica Jackley wholly listens to those she cares about and serves; in her words you can hear the rising voices of other remarkable entrepreneurs who are creating hope and prosperity through their pursuits. I hope in Jackley's words you also hear the voice of your own entrepreneurial spark, asking only for the kindling and belief to grow.

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