Child Abuse and the Church

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  1. Catholic Church sexual abuse cases - BBC News
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  3. Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandal

The SCCA campaign will encourage the inquiry to take extensive evidence from church abuse survivors, for the inquiry to obtain documents from churches, and ultimately for an independent complaints system, for tailor-made support and therapy, a redress system similar to the Irish model and for mandatory reporting of abuse.

Catholic Church sexual abuse cases - BBC News

From our research between and 1, clergy with allegations against them have gone un-prosecuted. Church safeguarding procedures allow Bishops to keep allegations away from the police and social services.

Priests should be preaching about safeguarding, NST is told

There have been recently discovered cover-ups in which Bishops protected clergy. The churches have allowed convicted sex offenders to be ordained. Most church schools do not make a commitment to report all allegations of abuse to the authorities. We have come together to investigate and highlight the serious safeguarding failures of church institutions, from to the present. Such an inquiry should have powers to compel the disclosure of all files of clergy, religious and other church officials containing reports and allegations of child sexual abuse.

It should receive evidence, both oral and written from victims of child sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy and religious within parish communities and church institutions and also be able to compel those in positions of authority within Dioceses and religious orders to attend and give evidence. The Inquiry should have the power to make recommendations concerning legislation to improve safeguarding in church institutions.

Despite these assurances, many prosecutions have revealed that Church authorities have covered up past reports of child abuse and allowed clergy to remain in post despite allegations and in some cases past convictions for child sexual offences. In many reported cases further child abuse has taken place.

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We need to raise this issue with Ministers direct. An important way to do this is by letting ministers know via our MPs that there are many members of the public who support the call for an inquiry. Please open the letter to MPs below and send it by e-mail or post to your local MP. You can find your MPs name and address by going to www.

Chichester publishes in-depth study of abuse in its diocese. Press: Tablet loses patience with Cardinal Nichols. Three books on abuse and safeguarding in the Church. Smyth review will take evidence from Welby and Titus Trust.

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Former dean convicted of child sexual abuse. Show more. Most Popular Past Week.

Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandal

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